Optifast and Extreme Dieting

What's the real story?

In July of 2008, I finally got to a very bad place. The Tipping Point. I had managed to become so big that I was clinically obese. At 285 pounds, I was the poster child for a life of excess food and drink and very little exercise. My whole life had been a yo-yo dieting nightmare with every rebound bringing more and more weight. I was bigger (or more accurately defined...fatter) in 2008 than I had ever been my whole life. It was really a magnificent accomplishment.

My whole life, I had been able to make the yo-yo go in reverse through exercise. I never really watched my diet, I just forced my weight down with lots of sweat and work. This time, however, I was so big I couldn't exercise. My knees took a pounding, my back had two degenerative areas that hurt when I bounced up and down, and I simply couldn't breath well enough. Couple that with acid reflux and edema (swelling) in my legs and the result was a person damaged so badly that it was impossible to lose the weight "normally." My physical health was also impacting one other thing. Alongside my work stress, I ended up taking two ambulance rides from work to the hospital for what was thought (mistakenly) to be heart issues.

So Where Did I Turn?

I needed medical help to get the weight off. I was told of this liquid diet program called Optifast. It was done through a hospital and medically supervised. It was also pretty expensive but some of it was covered in my work health plan. It was an 800-900 calorie per day liquid diet. I would drink 4 juice-box sized drinks a day and have one meal of a very strictly measure vegetable, meat (6-7 oz.) and a fruit. My goal was to lose 80 pounds.

Long story short...the diet worked. I lost 85 lbs. A few points though...

(1) If your goal is to "lose weight" and is not to make a "life change," then this diet has a high failure rate. The program had nutrition counseling as a part of the program and I took that completetely to heart. I now use Beachbody products to keep the weight off. (2) You have to exercise during this program. If you don't, your metabolic rate ultimately drops to match your calories and you will be tired and irritable...because you are literally starving. You need to walk and create exertion. (3) Lastly, you can't do this diet forever. You need to create a life that has proper nutrition and exercise as an active component. If you don't, Mr. Fat will knock on your door and you will find him sitting intimately on the couch (again) with you.

If you are at a point where you need Optifast, I encourage it. But it is not the final solution. If you want to know what my Optifast experience was like, it is blogged in all of its sometimes funny glory down below. Enjoy.

Optifast - The Whole Story in Blog Format

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