What is a Coach?

What does Beachbody say it is?

First and foremost, a Beachbody Coach is dedicated to helping others acheive their fitness goals through support. That support comes in the form of expertise in fitness, nutrition, or just pushing a positive mindset. Personally, the third item on that list is probably the most important thing to be contributing to others. There are many programs/products out there to help you achieve fitness. There are many books and websites dedicated to nutrition. If that's the case, why are our nation's overweight and obesity statistics at record levels? It really is about drive, motivation, and the frame of mind required to be fit. That is something anyone can be trained to do...and some people, who have been focused on this for their whole life, require no training at all.

The Beachbody company is dedicated to providing fitness programs which are home-based and are able to make anyone a more fit person. They are also committed to producing some very high-end nutrition products. As a Beachbody Coach, we have used the programs and products, have epitomized the success you can have with them, and are ready to show you how you can do the same.

What do "I" say it is?

Coaching requires you to understand four aspects of the subject you are coaching on. In this case, the subject is health and fitness. The four areas are Knowledge, Skill, Motivation and Confidence. To coach for health, weight-loss, and fitness, I believe you have to be able to walk the talk. In my lifetime, I have been on many diets and have lost over 300 pounds through various diets. I also have put on over 200 lbs of weight. In the last four years, my life has been dedicated to my own optimum fitness level and to keeping the weight off of my body for the rest of my life. I have done that and now I believe I am well set to help others...if they want to do the same.

I have the knowledge to take the weight off from the perspective of both fitness and nutrition. I can show you how to achieve the right skills to put yourself in great physical health. I can certainly instill the confidence in you that you can do as I have done. I am not can certainly achieve this. Lastly, I can show you where to look for the motivation to keep the 'fitness train' on the tracks.

If this interests you, please eMail me and we can talk about your situation and, more importantly, how you start to put together some new (and more healthy) habits.

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You may have questions about a lot of things. You might want to know how I found Optifast. You might want to know how I continue to keep the weight off. You might want to know how you get involved in the fantastic Beachbody products or you might simply just need to know that change for you is possible...and I assure you, it is. If you have questions on anything at all related to your health and fitness...just reach out. I'm here.

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