P90X Journey

P90X - The Journey

What Is It and How It Started

It started with an Infomercial in 2011. Like millions of other people, there I was channel surfing and I came across Tony Horton, telling the world they need to "Bring It!" I actually was a little intimidated, and that is not like me at all. I did get the DVD's and read the material...but I did not push play right away. I began by just trying Ab Ripper X. I did it for about a month, three times a week, and I almost got to a point where I could do them all. I was a "casual user" of P90X. Then I stopped.

At the end of 2011, while making my resolutions for 2012, I decided that P90X was on my list of things I absolutely had to do. A friend of mine, Lisa Barker, read my post of resolutions and knew she could help me. She reached out and I became a part of her first Challenge Group for Beachbody. I started on Saturday, February 4th of 2012.

What is P90X? It is a home-based workout program that uses challenging but very different exercise routines to work all areas of your body's fitness to include endurance, flexibility, strength and balance. It will get you in the best shape of your life. You will do muscle training, isometrics, yoga and kempo karate. I spent four years in the Army in my early twenties and I will tell you that, at age 50, I am in better shape right now, as a result of P90X, than I have EVER been.

If you are interested in knowing first hand how the program goes when you start...try reading my blog below. I tried to blog every day about the program and it's pretty intimate on how the program feels. If you are ready to jump to the challenge, just click the P90X box on the right! If you want to know more about how I make this work just click the HELP button on the right!

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